Devour: Table for Cheat Engine {AbuAlMusafi}

Hacks :
<> No Damage From Demons (Will Pause UV : No Recharging)
<> Infinite UV (Will Pause Damage Value : No Healing)
<> Infinite UV In Nightmare
<> Quick Interactions
<> Fast Walk Speed
<> Freeze Level Boss
<> Unlock All Doors
<> Bright Flashlight

Research :
<> UV Scripts
<> UV Pointer List
<> Damage Scripts
<> Damage Pointer List
<> Interactions Scripts
<> Y Cord

Note :
<> Don't worry too much about the version . . . it will most likely work fine on other versions specially older version.
<> Use Infinite UV & No Damage together to avoid either one interrupting the other one.
<> I always try to add research section so others can use the scripts if they know what it does or it may help them even a little bit to make new script.
<> Quick interaction is something I have not seen anywhere, so do give me a review about that one, I think this makes the game go so much faster. It make interactions instant like placing fuel, washing spider eggs etc.

Author: AbuAlMusafi

The source of information - Devour

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