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Dino Crisis 2 (SourceNext): Table for Cheat Engine {EyeOfTheMind86}

Hello everyone, this is my table for the SourceNext version of Dino Crisis 2 compatible with classic rebirth.

The table currently offers the following:
1) One Hit Kill: Dinos should die in one hit, ship mini mission included, doesn't work against the first T-Rex. Considering how the game handles damage, the script may not kill the target 100% of the time with shotgun/pistol (Inostrancevias need to be hit in their weak spot and Pteranodons need to suffer a stagger shot for example), all the other guns, plus melee/side weapons, guarantee a kill.
2) Infinite Health: Works on player, allies, and ship mini mission. It auto heals bleeding, and hides the player's health bar.
3) Become Untouchable: Works on both the player and the allies, attacks won't damage the character.
4) Always Max Ammo: When shot, any ammo based weapon will have its ammo set to its current max value, hides ammo count.
5) Always max Items: Same as previous hack but works for healing items used from the inventory.
6) Rapid Fire: Shotgun, Pistol, Antitank Rifle and Solid Cannon will rapid fire when the character is standing still.
7) Super Speed: Deltas are affected, the character will move faster even when shooting but doesn't work when aiming and shooting with the Diving Suit.
8) Times Always 0: Sets the game timer to 0, needs classic rebirth.
9) Open Shop Anywhere: It allows to open the fully functional shop from anywhere. It is also possible to save the game. The game will resume from that same spot when reloaded.
10) Unlock All Upgrades and Weapons: Instantly add all upgrades, ESP Cards and weapons to all characters with their ammo set to max/9999. Equip a different main weapon to refresh the armour skin on the character and equip the melee weapon from the inventory to find its upgraded version.
11) Unlock All Dino Files: Self explanatory, unlocks all 11 dino files.
12) Door Skip & Fast Load: Skips all door sequences and makes the game load faster.

Some hacks require AOB scanning so be sure to click on "Enable" first.
Added general game data to modify playable character and browse/alter certain values (inventory, weapons, logs, key items, etc.).
Note: Don't select a colosseum character in the main game as it will crash the game, also selecting a different character from the intended one (Dylan instead of Regina for example) may glitch out and crash the game. When changing character, open the menu and select a different main weapon (it will be based on the new character) and close the menu. When using the Diving Suit in any portion of the game, outside its intended location, will bug the game. You can jump and shoot weapons but you can't interact with any stair so be careful, switch back to Dylan or Regina just in case.

This game was a bit of a pain to hack, please let me know if hacks don't work properly or don't work at all on your end, as those static pointers may be unreliable at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my contribution once more and keep up the good work Fearless community.

Author: EyeOfTheMind86

The source of information - Dino Crisis 2

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