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Dino Crisis: Table for Cheat Engine {EyeOfTheMind86}

The table currently offers the following:
1) One Hit Kill: One shots all dinosaurs, doesn't work against scripted encounters (e.g. TRex in chief's office).
2) Infinite Health: Self explanatory, also auto heals bleeding.
3) Infinite Ammo Count: Every shot sets inventory stored ammo type items to 99.
4) Infinite Consumables: Similar to Infinite Ammo Count, it sets all consumables to 99 when used.
5) Speed Hack: Doubles character's delta to increase walk/run speed.
6) Unlock All Emergency Boxes: All coloured emergency boxes are automatically unlocked and each collection type can be accessed by a box of a respective colour (e.g. open a red box to access all red boxes from the "Access" menu).
7) Unlock All key Items: Gives all key items, even dummy/test ones. Didn't test it properly, may corrupt a game run, use at your own risk.
8) Add All Weapons: Adds all weapon types to the inventory.
9) Enemy Won't Attack Player: Dinosaurs won't attack the character, didn't test extensively.
10) Timer Always 0: In Game Timer always 0.
11) No Clip: All characters/dinosaurs can walk through walls.
12) Open Save Menu: Prompts the Save Dialogue anywhere, but reloads the room when processed.
13) Trigger Ending 2: Triggers the Ending 2 scene, instantly completing the game with the current score/time (didn't dig enough to find other endings).

The table also comes with W.I.P. scripts and general debug data to retrieve character or game info as well as being able to alter certain values (e.g. inventory, plugs count, continue counts, etc.). The debug section is still incomplete, I apologise, as I didn't finish adding all the WIPEOUT stuff or listing all the room IDs, for example, as well as other things.
If someone wants to contribute, please feel free to do so.

Author: EyeOfTheMind86

The source of information - Dino Crisis

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