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Disgaea 7: Table for Cheat Engine {TheByteSize}

It contains:
Multiplier for IP, HL, Extract, EXP, Skill, Class, Weapon and Armor Proficienty - edit the value inside the script if you want to change.
Inf SP
Damage Multiplier

Item World Info:
Some flags
Boss Kill Bonus - Affect total stats before leveling.

Item Editor - You can swap Property and Innocent(don't change the value in RED). The red value is there to help double check of what you have selected for the ID Ptr.
All the values are read from ingame Database so it will have new values on Load or Reload game or save file.

Author: TheByteSize

The source of information - Disgaea 7

DOWNLOAD (25.4 Kb) 2023-Nov-27

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