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Dishonored 2: Table for Cheat Engine {CrunchyBones}

-Infinite Health, Mana, Oxygen, Ammo and Runes (Couldn't figure out how to separate the ammo from the runes.)
-Infinite Bend Time, Dark Vision
-Dark Vision+: Tried extending the range to 50, but could only get it to 20 or so. It also no longer sends out periodic pulses, marks all enemies and objects within 20 meters (or so) of casting location for the duration of the ability.
-Blink Distance+ and No Cooldown: Pretty much inf blink range, no cooldown lets you instantly recast blink.
-Jump Height+: Only activates when you double jump and stops ascending when you release the jump.
-No Fall Damage
-Instant Choke
-Fly (On Jump): Starts at whatever height you jump at
-Fly (Specified Height): Change the float value in the script to set your desired height.

Author: CrunchyBones

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