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Dishonored 2: Table for Cheat Engine {qvc}

Here are several "new" scripts, left from old stalled work. I've tested them on my computer, but final changes made being not at home. There might be some errors.

Some changes:added stealth scripts (for vision, sound, touch, hounds);added "full mana regeneration" ability;added "blink through" ability;reworked chaos script;added object LOD script (in experimental stuff group).

  • Stealth
    • Sound group
      • '"Silent" navigation' forces enemies to ignore your navigation sounds.
      • 'No footsteps' script turnes off running and sprinting footsteps (but not jumping sounds).
    • You ALWAYS will be spotted when you've got inside the "ambush alley" zone (Cyria Gardens, behind the guard post, near the first wall of light, where two witches waiting for you).
    • NPC see using of magic (but not you) and will (re)act.
    • Stealth abilities are not very powerful, as i tried not to change AI behavior much. If you are persistent, you will be spotted. For example, try this: when you'are among group of guards, hit the paving with the sword, and immediately, while guards are alerted, start to choke one of them.
  • ChaosNo automation here, but now you can change chaos without killing peoples.(If you missed this somehow, chaos environment changes after you've finished current mission)
  • Experimental stuff group
    • 'Object's LOD x10 (requires "cold" load)'. This was made at request in pm, but never leave my computer, sorry, T. I.) If you already loaded a save or started some mission, you need to unload it (quit in the main menu), then acivate this script and load a save (or start new mission/playthrough). It will renew LOD cache.
    • 'Movement settings...' scripts. Changes, you made here, will remain in effect until you restart the game, remember this.
  • Blink
    • "Instant blink" is previous "Blink faster". I removed confusing velocity settings, and set it to 0. 0 means true teleportation: you will swap between two places, not move from one to another (to see difference, you can activate script "Transpose without FX", or just try to blink through a glass or a wall of light).
    • "Blink through (F2)" and "'Blink through+' (for 3s) (F3)". These scripts let you blink through metal objects (metal fences, metal doors, metal fence doors and windows and so on), stone objects. Strictly speaking, 'blink through' makes an object 'transparent' for blink, if it is not stairs and material of its contact system is metal. The same is true for 'blink through+' and stone material (mainly, for some unbreakable windows)

Author: qvc

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