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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Achievement Unlocker {SvT}

1. Target process: ddv.exe
2. Start a new game or continue from your current save
3. When you have movement control of your character, check the box next to "Enable Achievement Unlocker". You can close the Memory Viewer window that pops up
4. Check the box next to "Achievements"
5. Press "ESC"/Pause button and go to the Dreamlight tab. All your milestones should be maxed
6. To unlock the achievement you want, go to the correct tab in-game, and "COLLECT" the matching milestone until it's complete. **
7. Repeat Step 6

** For example, the cheat table shows: "--> VILLAGE + Renovator : [Repair Houses] x 5"
To unlock the "Renovator" achievement:
1. Go to the Village tab
2. Collect "Repair Houses" 5 times
3. Achievement will unlock
4. Be careful, because when you collect a milestone, the list order tends to change.

Author: SvT

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