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Dragon's Dogma 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- health still drop when being hit or fall from height, but you won't be killed.
- works on the Arisen only for now. may expend it to the pawn(s) later.

full stamina
- raised the threshold to full as 1) the "near exhaustion" effect is too dramatic for my taste, and 2) one of the archer skill's damage is in scale to the current stamina...

instant cast
- tested on Mage and Sorcerer only.
- player filter is implemented, in theory it should works on the arisen only, but not thoroughly tested. report~
- after I made the levitate mod script, I noticed that spell casting time while levitating is extremely slow, so I was trying to make a cast speed multiplier instead, which would be applied when player is in levitate only, but I soon found out that you still can't cast any spell in mid-air even if the conjuring time is finished........... may make a bypass later....? anyway, for now I just made it instant cast instead, which made the Mage and Sorcerer extremely powerful as a result, so I implemented the player filter so that other spell caster won't keep spamming spells in a battle -- if the player filter is working properly that is. so, again, report~

ignore DCP
- allows you to learn skills (weapon skills/core skills/augments) and change vocations regardless of the remaining DCP.
- DCP could still be emptied.

ignore vocation requirements (equipment)
- allows you to equip anything regardless of the vocation requirements.
- if you equip a bow when a shield is equipped, the shield won't be auto-remove, you need to manually remove the shield after you equip a bow.

auto-change vocation based on weapons equipped
- a child script of ignore vocation requirements (equipment).
- when activated, vocation would be changed automatically depends on the weapon you equipped,
- e.g., without this script, when you equip a bow as a fighter by using ignore vocation requirements (equipment), you can't use any weapon skill at all because a fighter can't use any bow skills. but with this script activated, the vocation would be changed to archer once you equipped a bow and exit the menu, so that you can use the actual weapon's skills right away, in this case, the bow skills you learnt when you were an archer. that means you still need to learn the skills you want to use first.
- by script default, the vocation won't be changed if the current vocation is warfarer, if you want the script to change your vocations automatically even if you're a warfarer, simply change the value of the entry "skip warfarer" to no.

ignore weight
- weight still goes up as you carry more items with you but you won't be encumbered even if it exceeded the threshold, and the status would stays at "very light" always.
- works on the whole team.

levitate mod
- changes the behaviour of the levitate skill, specifically:
-- inf. levitate duration.
-- increase max height.
-- no move speed deceleration with prolong levitate duration.
-- hot-key (script default: shift) to move faster.
-- press and hold jump again during levitation would let you levitate up again.
-- press the end levitate hot-key (script default: f) to end levitate. while falling down, you can press jump to levitate again.
- both hot-keys can be changed by pressing Ctrl-H on the entry.

game speed mod
- pess CapsLock and one of the following keys to manipulate timescale:
+ : 0.8
- : 0.6
* : 0.4
/ : 0.2
- or HOLD down one of the mod keys (disabled by script default) to temporarily change the speed to a specific scale.

hide arisen helmet
- as title says.
- it's a "soft unhide", bypassing the game's own hide helmet flag rather than flipping the flag directly.

hide pawn helmet
- as title says.
- it's a "soft unhide", bypassing the game's own hide helmet flag rather than flipping the flag directly.

walk key
- hold CapsLock key to walk turns out there's a walk key in-game already~ you may as well ignore this script...
- key can be changed by pressing Ctrl-H when highlighting the entry "move mod key 1", walk speed can be changed via the entry "move mod speed 1".

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Dragon's Dogma 2

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