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Dragon Quest Treasures: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}


  • Combat
  • No Forte Cooldowns
  • Unlimited Sprint/Glide Forte timer
  • Unlimited Stealth Forte timer
  • No Dragon Power Use (Experimental) //May affect other things.
  • Instant Dragon Power recharge (Experimental) //Will do a performance hit, so turn it on, then enter menu and turn it off.
  • Scan for HP/MP + Stop HP/MP changes. (Experimental. Read Table Extras.)
  • Items and Gold
  • No Pellet Loss (Should avoid most treasure)
  • Alt No Pellet Loss (Affects key treasures)
  • No Gold Use (Still need to have enough gold)
  • Open Menu to find Gold value
  • No Material Loss (Experimental. Use at your own risk. Read the READ! option that pops up.) (Note: The item does need to exist in your inventory first before this will trigger.) (Note: Experimental means it isn't fully tested so err on the side of caution). + Affect single items toggle (This shouldn't do anything due to how the game works but is there just in case). You can adjust the Max and Min and Ignore values as needed via the table or set the defaults via the script.

Author: anon9

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