DREDGE: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}


Spawn Item To Cargo:
-will spawn the choosen item to the cargo
-you can select the item based on the name OR the ID
-e.g if you want Research Parts then set the ID to 207
-note: make sure there is space in the cargo! ( e.g spawning a twin engine won't work if a engine is already builded in )
-you can't spawn all items (e.g messages/notes won't work)

-as title says, each time you activate the script you get $100

Refill Fish Stock
-does refill all the harvest spots ( even if its depleted )
-note: always leave any fishing spot if you use this script, otherwise the game will crash!
-the effect won't stay, you need to activate it again for another refill!

Set Weather Clear
-as title says, weather will be set to clear, you may have to activate it again!

Remove Fog
-as title says

Repair Boat
-activating the script will completly repair the boat, you need to activate it again for each repair!

Sanity Always Full
-as title says


Always Fish Max Size?
-set to 1 to enable that every fish is always the max. size
-set to -1 to disable it

-set to 1 will cause that you can't die no matter how much damage you get

-set to 1 causes that your boat won't get any damage

Time Freeze?
-set to 1 freeze the time

Base Movement Modifier

Author: cfemen

The source of information - DREDGE

DOWNLOAD (5.6 Kb) 2023-Jun-06

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