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Dune: Spice Wars - Table for Cheat Engine {KUDr}

How to use it?
- Open the table in CE, open the game process and select cheats you want to use (you will see a lot of logs as the code is dynamically generated from your game's metadata), enjoy

  • ent.Faction:getCachedResNetProd (add static resources, i.e. water)
    • You have to set what resources you want to add (open _plus to see options) or populate all (_plus -> Initialize values)
  • ent.Faction:addRawResource (add collectable resources over time)
  • ent.Refinery:getHarvestRate (you must have some refineries)
  • ent.Entity:hurtBy (God mode, Disadvantage of AIs against free villages)
  • ent.Unit:getSpeedModifier (faster units)
  • ent.Unit:isWormTarget (your units are not targeted by worms)
  • ent.Army:addSupply (your armies will never run out of supplies)
  • ent.Structure:updateRecruitment (faster recruitments of units except militia)
  • logic.Upgrades:update (fast building construction)
  • ent.Structure:addReconProgress (faster recon of ?)
  • ent.HegemonyData:setProd (Hegemony +10000)

Those weird names for cheat entries are names of class:method (basically function) where the cheat was implemented.

This table does not use any static addresses or AOB scans. It simply locates the game metadata (types, fields, methods) and uses them to generate the code (C header files) so that the cheat code (regular C files) should always work with whatever game version you have.

Author: KUDr

The source of information - Dune: Spice Wars

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