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Dungeon Defenders: Table for Cheat Engine {SashaFloats}

Compact Mode
Disable All Scripts

Player 1 - 4 (P2-P4 are untested because I don't have a second account to test on. Let me know if they work.)

[*]Hero Stuff:
--Hero Level Cap
--Hero Experience
--Banked Mana
--Mana Token Attraction Radius
--Mana Power

[*]Equipment Editors:
--Here we have 3 full item editor. They all work well. Pick the one that's easiest to use for the item you want to edit
--Highlighted Item Editor
--Equipped Item Editor
--Equipped Weapon
--Cost Of Respec
--Cost Of Rename
--Cost Of Exp Bonus

[*]Current Weapon
--Weapon Damage
--Projectile Speed
--Base Knockback Range Additive
--Base Knockback Momentum Additive
--Knockback Effect Range Scale
--Base Charge Speed
--Current Knockback Range

[*]Tower Multipliers:
--Lots of options

[*]Hero Multipliers
--Lots of options

[*]Towers Editor:
Turn on the options you want. Will effect all tower
--Max Level
--Max Health
--Max Attack Rate
--Max Range
--Max Damage
--Set Damage Amount (Setting to high will cause no DMG)

[*]Crystal Core:
--Various pointers
--Crystal Core 9999999- Updates after getting hit (Effects all Cores)

[*]Mission Settings:
--The Start Wave
--Current Wave Number
--Final Wave Number
--Wave Editor (Use to edit current wave)
--Current Tower Units
--Max Tower Units
--Current Alt Tower Units
--Current Game Difficulty
--Waves Played
--Enemy Cores Remaining
--Lives Remaining

[*]Mission Timers:
--Lab Assault
--Boss Rush
--Monster Fest Timer
--Etherian Holiday Extravaganza! - Delivery Time Limit

Author: SashaFloats

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