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Dwarf Fortress: Table for Cheat Engine {Zanzer}


Item Tooltip Pointer
Item Value Pointer
Unit Pointer
Body Attribute Pointers
Soul Attribute Pointers
Diety Pointer
Remove Starvation
Remove Dehydration
Show Exact Wealth
Instant Skill Levels
Craft For Free
Smelt For Free
Unlimited Coal
Instant Task Complete
Magma Forge Always Works
Magma Smelter Always Works
Always Craft Masterpiece
Always Engrave Masterpiece
Custom Free Crafts (Adamantine + Feather Wood)
Custom Free Smelt (Adamantine + Feather Wood)
Wood Crafts Count as Grown
Instant Hauling to Stockpile
Wood Blocks Create Logs Instead
Rock Quern Creates Adamantine Instead
Create Extra Blocks
Create Extra Barrels
Create Extra Bins
Create Extra Cabinets
Create Extra Chests
Create Extra Doors
Create Extra Chairs
Create Extra Tables
Mouseover for Master Engravings

Author: Zanzer

The source of information - Dwarf Fortress

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