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Dysmantle: Table for Cheat Engine {all_my_sins}


  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill/Destroy
  • 8x XP (when XP is earned, multiplies it by 8)
  • No Fall Damage
  • Set Recipe Level to Max on Upgrade
  • Break Anything With Any Weapon
  • Free Crafting/Upgrading
  • Inf. Thrown Weapons
  • Teleport to Marker
  • No Deaths for Surreal Key
  • Ghost Mode (walk through walls and sometimes the ground lol)
  • Zero Time Since Last Rest (for timed crate)
  • No Temperature Buildup
  • Large Pickup Range
  • Inventory Slots (edit amounts in player inventory)
  • Player Info (X,Y,Z location, speed, knockback, temp. buildup)

Author: all_my_sins

The source of information - Dysmantle

DOWNLOAD (14.6 Kb) 2023-Oct-24

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