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Earth Defense Force 4.1: Table for Cheat Engine {Gear2ndGandalf}


Auto Collect Crates

Quick Clear Mission Objectives

Drive Fast (Works with wheel and track vehicles)

Infinite Vehicle Summons (Vehicles now explode after 999 summons instead of 3 | Script located inside Infinite Ammo +)

Vehicle Dust Effect Colorizer

Set Weapon Crate Difficulty Level Drops

Set Player Color 1 & 2 Slot 1 (Can now make your classes glow with intense brightness)

Infinite Ammo + (Forcefully gives full ammo to all classes and vehicles even if a reload quota is not met)

Infinite WD Energy (Forcefully gives Wing Diver energy even if her reserves were drained by the Gungir and the like)

Hot Keys 

Author: Gear2ndGandalf

The source of information - Earth Defense Force 4.1

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