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Enshrouded: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Table Options:

Full Health

Full Stamina

Full Mana

Free Craft

No Durability Loss

No Fall Damage

Super Movement Speed

-increases the global actor speed!
-deactivate if before you use the grapling hook

Super Jump

Gravity Handler

-enables R as hotkey to toggle the global gravity
-CTRL/Shift can be used to go up/down

No Shroud Decrease

Try Force Day Time

Inf. Skill Points On Use/Gain ( 99 )
- spend points or level up to get 99 skill points

Always Rested Buff


-opens a input window, type in any value you want to add to your EXP
-if you don't get any EXP open the Character -> All Attribute window and try again!

-allows to have 3 slots to save/load your position

Get Item Pointer (Move Any Item In Inventory)
-moving any item will populate the pointer to change it's amount
-you can execute the Change Item script to swap the item to anything you want from the dropdown list

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Enshrouded

DOWNLOAD (11.3 Kb) 2024-Apr-02

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