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Europa Universalis IV: Table for Cheat Engine {Straputsky}


pProvince, pPlayer, pArmy - pointers that should restore most of the functionality of the extension table.
Emperor HRE - shows current emperor & authority
Curia Controller - current curia leader
Army/Fleet leader - hover in-game over an army to catch the stats of its leader
Power Projection - hover in-game over the PP and it will set all decaying modifiers like "conquered provinces from rival" to 100.*
Protestant Reform Desire - well, exactly this
Siege Days - view the siege and it will show how many days in the current phase passed
Changed - few pointers that changed addresses. Added the ones mentioned a few posts earlier. Added pointer for fort level of a province.

Hitting the number 0 will set "Siege Days -> Days passed" to 99 and "Changed -> Province -> Fort level" to 0.
Not the smartest hotkey, but the game has already many shortcuts. First activate pProvince and Siege Days scripts. Afterwards, when you watch a siege and then move to "show province", both pointers have updated. Now hit "0" and the siege ends successfully the next day - no matter fort level or army size (if at least 1k). Works everywhere (in case you want to help foreign nations).

Author: Straputsky

The source of information - Europa Universalis 4

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