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Everspace 2: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Infinite HuII
Infinite Shield
Infinite Armor
Infinite Boost
Infinite Weapon Energy
Infinite Missiles/Secondary Ammo
Infinite Consumables
One Hit Kill [On/Off *HotKey* CtrI+O]
Fast Light Speed Charge (press Lightspeed button for one sec, Release, then quickly Tap it again)
Fast Travel (Travels Instantly to Location in Hyper Space)
Massive Sensor Range
Massive Tractor Range & Fast Pull Speed
Massive Interact Distance (For Opening Containers, Ship Wrecks, Grabbing things, Interacting, etc.)
No Augmentation Modules Required for Upgrading Ship
No Device Cooldown & Infinite Duration
Unlock These Devices (In Ship Screen)

Author: gideon25

The source of information - Everspace 2

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