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Evil Genius 2: Table for Cheat Engine [DX12] {HeathenGator}

Added several new options::

  1. Full Doomsday Fuel - will keep your A.M.M.O. at 99 at all times
  2. No Heat - an alternative solution. Will keep your heat at 0 at all times. Even after firing your D.D. or certain schemes/events, unlike the original option. Basically this will prevent any and all heat except red prevention schemes that instantly max out your criminal networks, forcing them into lockdown.
  3. Agent Slayer/Captor - 2 new options to deal with intruders.
    Agent Slayer will make any interaction with an Agent drain the corresponding stat completely, which usually means they will walk into your casino, encounter a social minion, get their Skill and Resolve set to 0 and immediately leave. And it also makes your prisoners lose all Resolve instantly. This option will make it impossible to capture anyone through fighting, because it will instantly kill them instead. Also affects Tourists, but who cares.
    Use Agent Captor to capture intruders. However, if there is more than one intruder you will have to make sure all of them are tagged for capture, otherwise your minions will try to kill them instead, which won't work because they will always have 5 HP and never die.
    As far as I can tell neither of these options affects your minions.
    Only one of these options will have an effect at a time.


  1. Removed the obsolete Full Intel. Renamed Full Intel 2.0 to Full Intel.
  2. New: Unlimited Ammo - will grant Ivan and Eli unlimited ammo for their equipped weapons. And anyone else who may have those.
  3. New: Weaken Agents - will set agent HP to 5, and won't prevent it from decreasing. Mainly useful for farming kills for Ivan's Old School achievement.

Author: HeathenGator

The source of information - Evil Genius 2

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