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Factorio: Table for Cheat Engine {Bloodybone}


Inf Health/OneHitKill
-Infinite Health
-OneHitKill Enemies

Inf Vehicle Health

Achievements are allowed
-Steam Achievements are allowed

Get Pointers
--Player Base
--UserName LowerCase
--Player Zoom
--Character Base
--CharacterController Base
--GameView Base
--Factorio.DayTime Base
--Current Time

Get Character
-Base Address
--EntitySelector Base Address
--Player Base Address
-Entity Stuff
--Entity Name
-Movement Speed
-Mining Speed Modifier
-Inventory Bonus
-Crafting Speed
-Added Resource reach distance
-Added Reach distance
-Added Loot pickup distance
-Added Item pickup distance
-Added Item drop distance
-Added Build distance

Get DayTime
-Current Time

Update Inventory Size/Set Own
-Change Inventory Size
--Added Inventory Size
--Set Inventory Size
---Inventory Size to set
---Set Inventory Size Flag

Get Cursor Stack
-Base Address
-Cursor Stack
-Max Stack
-Item ID
-Item Pointer

Inf Reach Distance


Toogle Admin/CheatMode
-Toggle Admin

Inf Zoom

Teleport to Cursor
-Teleport Flag

Teleport Activation
-Teleport Flag
-Saved X
-Saved Y

Reveal All Recipes

No Crafting Requirenment

Change Surface Activate Me First
-Change Surface
-Surface Name

Find Surface
-Search For Surface
-Surface Count
-Index to Search for
-Name to Search for
-Case-Sensitive Search
-Returned Index
-Returned Name
-Returned Address

Research Stuff
-Unlock All Technologies
-Reset All Technologies

Give Item - Will also work for modded Items
-Give Item
-Item ID
-Item Name
-Item Count
-Item Health
-Print Errors/Warnings
-Force Cursor Replacement - Force Replacement even if you have no space in your cursor Slot.

Infinite Ore Deposits

Infinite Mouse Cursor Items

Class Pointers

Pointers from Factorio.Global
-Factorio.Surface (Current)
-Factorio.Inventory VTable

Inf PowerArmor Battery

Belts don't move Player

Inf Ammo

-Execute Function By Name
-Print/Convert Item IDs and Names
--What to Do
--Item ID
--Item Name

Author: Bloodybone

The source of information - Factorio

DOWNLOAD (19.4 Kb) 2024-May-06

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Are you aware that changing the cursor stack is crashing the game? You used to have the block address check but that is missing so the game sees the change to cursor stack size and crashes now.