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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (I, II, III, IV, V): Table for Cheat Engine {Hentai-san}


  1. DropRate99WithWeightMod

    This script alters drop rates for up to 8 possible drop slots a monster party can have.
    A common weight adds to the drop rate of all slots equally.
    A skew weight adds to the drop rate of each slot less and less from rarest to most common.
    A skew weight of 128 means for each slot starting from the rarest gets:


    The higher the weight, the more likely a drop will occur.

    The weights are heavier the more common an item is. For a common drop in a slot, a weight of 100 almost guarantees a drop everytime the slot is calculated.

    For the rarest drops, weights over 60000 give very little increases in chance of drop and even then the drops are about 50% per time it's calculated.

    The drop calculations can be looped if the recalculate drops option is activated. It will loop the drop calculations as many times as specified in Loop Count.

    The more times the drop calculations are looped the more possible items can be dropped.
    A monster party capable of dropping 2 potions, when looped 8 times, can result in dropping 16 potions with big weights.

    Most victory menus can only display values from 1-9 so 16 potions will show as a drop of 1 potion, but the inventory will increase by 16 correctly.

  2. Force Item Drop By ID

    This script overrides all monsters drop slots with the item ID supplied.
    It does not alter drop rates so it does not guarantee monsters will drop the item.

    All regular items are tested and work but commands and magics may break the end of battle (tested some and they seemed to mostly work fine).

    Invalid items are removed from the possible ids you can choose in the dropdowns because they do break the end of battle (these are different IDs for the same item, like sasuke's katana or enhancer because the game treats these as multiple items to apply their special effects. Only their first version ID is actually valid.)

  3. Battle Result Rates (Exp, Gil, AP)

    This script alters the rate of EXP, GIL and or AP given at the end
    of a battle by individually altering each monster's drops in a monster party.

    It either replaces outright the EXP, Gil and or AP each monster gives or
    multiplies it if the multiply option is enabled.

  4. Minimum Gil on Spend

    When gil is spent in a shop, inn or lost in mugging or gil throw, it will never go under the minimum gil.

  5. Minimum and Maximum Item Count

    Makes all Items in inventory always have at least the Minimum count and less than the Maximum count.

  6. Encounter Rate

    Toggles affecting encounter rates.
    The rates are relative to regular overworld walking encounter rate.
    The 2 extremes are No Encounters and Always Encounter on every step.

  7. Force Steal Slot

    Most FFPR games have 2 different possible slots for item steals for each monster. One common steal and one rare steal.
    Some monsters have one, some have both, some have none.

    This script forces a steal to target one specific slot. If the monster does not contain the slot, a successful steal simply steals nothing but still counts as a successful steal, so subsequent steals may give nothing to steal message.
    There are 2 more possible slots specifically included for FF3, where steals target different slots depending on the job level of the thief.

  8. Force ID Steal

    This script overrides the ID of the item that is stolen. Regardless of slot, it will always steal an item with the Steal Item ID. A FF V dropdown table is included.

    If the monster targeted does not have any possible slots to steal, it will still result in a steal failure.

  9. Infinite MP

    This script sets MP to max MP at all times. Doesn't work with temporary gains caused by mixing and other buffs and will use the base max MP regardless.

  10. Infinite HP

    This script sets HP to max HP at all times. Doesn't work with temporary gains caused by mixing and other buffs and will use the base max HP regardless.

Author: Hentai-san

The source of information - Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

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Where do you find the item ID numbers for drops/steal by ID for FF1, FF2, FF3 and FF4? Only FF5 has the codes already as part of the cheat table.