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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) Edit 12 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Multiplier, Hero Damage Multiplier, Hero Healing Multiplier, Enemy Healing Multiplier
Infinite MP
Always CT = 0
Infinite Item Usage/Set Minimum Amt On Use/Obtain
Status Effect (Allies) (Good Status Effects)
Infinite License Points (When Learning Licenses)/Set Minimum License Amount When Learning
EXP Multiplier (After Battle)
LP Multiplier (After Battle)
Bestiary Multiplier
Minimum Chain Count
Set Chain Level 3
Monsters Drop All Items Plus Monograph and Canopic Jar Item
Steal All Items And 100% Steal
Treasure Chest Item Rarity Picker
Treasure Chest Always Appear
Pointers to Gil and Current Chain Count and Chain Level and PRNG
Some Settings for Permanent Status Effects

I will work on other things as I play.

There were issues with the Add All Loot option in earlier tables. I believe I fixed this in EDIT 9, but still use the Add All Loot option at your own risk as it could cause issues in Archadia. With EDIT 9, I tested adding all loot and removing all loot and I could still receive a Pinewood Chop as an Override Treasure Chest ID. Depending on how you used earlier versions of the table, this EDIT 9 may or may not fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I added Infinite Item Usage and Infinite License Points.

I added Minimum Chain Count Option and Pointers to Gil and Current Chain Count. I also fixed the issue with T-Rex not checking OneHitKill (it was caused by the zero damage you do).

I added Infinite MP and enhanced Infinite Item Usage to Set a Minimum Amount On Use/Obtain if you desire. Just set the value to zero if you do not want the effect. I believe this will have the effect of giving you all items after you get out of prison, so turn it off at that point if you don't want all items. I also enhanced Infinite License Points to set a minimum amount when you learn things on the license board.

I was able to get EXP and LP Multiplier After Battle options working before I give it up for today. Gil isn't dropped by monsters.

I came up with an Always CT = 0 option. Thanks to the hackers of the PS4 savegame, I did find the area where permanent status effects are stored. I have some of them in the Pointer section that updates on Enable. I might add more later. There is an option for CT = 0 in there, but with my Always CT=0 option, you can turn it off and still get CT=0 for allies.

I found pointers to Selected Character's Jobs in this update. You have to view the License Board to update the pointer.

Inventory was kind of weird. Kind of hard to associate certain item id with the item (no unicode or text in the memory that I found). I was able to port over some options from the Codebreaker that gives you all of certain category of items. You must view your POTIONS before using the options or they won't work right. So you enable and then go view a potion in your inventory. Then you can choose any of the Inventory options to add all those items to your inventory. You must have collected at least one of the type for it to unlock the menu option before you activate these options. These options are under the Pointers section.

EDIT 6.5:
I came up with an Item List for most everything but Loot and also came up with an option to Override the Item ID at a Shop. You can buy any item you want with this option one at a time or with the Set Minimum Item Qty option, it will default to the Minimum you set in that option I believe.

EDIT 6.6:
Minor update dealing with the rest of the items that were missing. I added in the missing weapons and loot to both the Override Shop Item ID option and the Add All Items. I reset the default Permanent Status Effects to not give you anything. As far as jobs, it seemed to work with me changing the second job only. I misidentified one option as it is the currently selected job. What I did was choose a second job and go get licenses for it. Then I press Y to switch back to first job showing and back out some. Then I change second job in CE. It seemed to work okay for me that way.

Didn't have much time today, but I came up with few more options. I added in the Chain Level pointer and an option to Set Chain Level To 3 as long as you don't break chain (Basically Kill 2 monsters for Chain Level 3). After some research of the code I found a simple edit that makes Monsters Drop All Their Items. I love how you can make a simple change to effect things but figuring out where and what to change takes some time in most cases.

EDIT 7.1:
I was able to find an option for Steal All Items When You Successfully Steal.

EDIT 7.2:
Minor update. I put in code for the Permanent Status Effects you set to not affect enemies. I also updated the Item ID lists for both the Override Shop Item ID and the Add All Items of A Category for some missing items. Mainly a few more Usable items that give nice effects. Looks like the Meteorite items (there are 4) might be debug item (they all are cast on enemies for various effects and sometimes hit for 300000 damage or something. You can try them out. One Baltaro Seed appears to give all beneficial status effects. I added the missing weapons mentioned.

EDIT 7.3:
Magic and Technique you have are items like any you buy from shop. I just had to figure out the ID's. In this update I gave you the ability to add all Magic and Technique or use the Override Shop Item ID to buy them one at a time if you want.

EDIT 7.5:
I hope this is the last of the minor updates for items. I found the Item ID's for the Motes that were missing previously. I added these to both the Add All Usable Items and the Override Shop Item ID sections of the table. I hope that's it for items. 

EDIT 7.6:
Another minor update. I fixed the Add All Loot that was broken in 7.1. I also updated the Damage Modifier with a HeroCannotDie option. With GodMode off and this option on, you lose HP until the hit will kill you and then it acts like God Mode, so you basically cannot die from normal attacks. I believe you still might die from an instant death attack or something as I haven't tested everything.

I tried working on Treasure Chest options. I have it working so you pick the Item Rarity that you want and as long as you don't get Gil, it gives you the type you picked. Choices are Common Item, Rare Item, Diamond Armlet Common Item, Diamond Armlet Rare Item. I might work on this more to always give you the item instead of gil, but this is what I have for now. The option is called Treasure Chest Always Yield Certain Item.

EDIT 8.1:
Sorry for the bad edit on EDIT8. I'm removing the file, but I think I fixed the Treasure Chest option and also have it working to always give you the item rarity you specify instead of gil also.

EDIT 8.2:
I found a pointer to affect the PRNG function. Values seem to go up to 624 decimal. I successfully tested setting it to a previous value and opening a chest to get the same results. It's in the pointers section. I also added the missing magics in this update.

EDIT 8.3:
I think I have an option that makes Treasure Chests always appear. I didn't test every situation, but it appeared to work for me (I tested when a PRNG value caused the chest to disappear and then enabled my option and set the PRNG back to that value and the chest still appeared with the option on). I'm removing EDIT 8.2 just because it was very recent, but those changes are still in this update.

EDIT 8.4:
Sorry for the quick minor updates, but I thought it would be good to have an Override Treasure Chest Item ID option. It's under the Treasure Chest Item Rarity picker option. You can leave it to the default of Not Selected and it will give you the Item Rarity option you choose, but if you set an Override Item ID, it will give you that item from the chest instead.

EDIT 8.5:
Some are having trouble after using the Add All Items proceeding in Archadia. In some effort to attempt to fix the issue, I added Remove All Loot and Remove All Usable Items in this update. Basically it removes all your loot and all your usable items. I'm not sure if this will be able to fix the issue and let them proceed in the story, but it is my attempt. Be warned that using the Add All Items options might cause issues in the game.

I fixed some issues with Add All Loot and updated the Remove All Loot option to reset Pinewood and Sandalwood Chops also. It may fix issues with Archadia quests. I added missing loot to the Override Item ID's section of the table.

EDIT 9.1:
Only had time for the Remove All Weapons someone requested in this update. I will try to get back to other requests tomorrow. Be sure to view a POTION only before using these kind of options or it won't work right.

EDIT 9.2:
Had time today to find a Bestiary Multiplier.

EDIT 9.5:
I think I've finished messing with Trails of Cold Steel 1 for now. I will try to finish the table for this game up over next few days. As a bonus, I figured out 100% Steal. I put it in the option to Steal All Items, so it is now Steal All Items and 100% Steal. Enjoy!

EDIT 9.6:
I upgraded the Monsters Drop All Items to include the Monograph and Canopic Jar item even if you don't have those key items. I'm removing EDIT 9.5, but the Steal upgrade is still there in this update. Enjoy!

EDIT 9.7:
I came up with a Status Effect (Allies) option that allows you to set mainly good status effects on your allies. I believe this prevents most bad status effects also.

EDIT 10:
This may be my last update unless something breaks the table. I improved the Steal All Items and 100% Steal to account for monsters that only have one item. Hopefully this works well for you all. I tested that you could still steal, but not on a monster that only has one item, but I coded for it. Enjoy the table, everyone! I'm removing EDIT 9.7, but the Status Effect (Allies) option is still there.

EDIT 10.1:
Back to the drawing board for Steal 100% when monsters only have one item. I rewrote the code to use the option when Thief Cuff's are equipped, but you don't require them to be equipped. Steal All Items and Steal 100% is working fine for me in my tests now, but I need someone to verify again on monsters like the judges. I hope third time is a charm.  This option also displays all items you steal unlike the old version.

EDIT 10.2:
I changed Status Effect (Allies) to allow other status effects as an option (those not listed and negative status effects). With that option on, you can get other status effects besides the ones you turn on. You can also turn it off to keep the original way it worked (no other status effects except the ones you turn on).


Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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Hi. Thx for your work however if I can suggest/ask something. On PS2 version when I played on emulator it was possible also to aplly patch for follwoing stuff (do you think you could try to make some pointers for that things?):

here is link


and it was in sections:

FFXII section Region: NTSC (U)
Comments: Check inside patch, remove // to enable
Author: Jlagreen


Region: NTSC (J)
CRC: ??? (SLPM 66750)
Comments: Max Gil, All Weapons, All Drops, All Steals, Bazaar Master
Author: freakies

//comment=Enemies Drop More Loot
//comment=chocobo infinite time and sprints
//comment=100% Successful Steal Rate Always On
//all steals
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The option to drop everything upon an enemies death works perfectly however the option to steal every possible upon when stealing sucessfully only adds a single item to my inventory
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I can no longer equip Accessories, some other armor doesn't equip right either.  Thanks for all your work on this, I really appreciate it.
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Hi, I have the European version of the game, but the codes do not work well, could you have even for the EUR version?
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Thank you for this cheat engine tab, it is great. I wonder if you know how to lower character level manually. Also, is it possible to make espers as regular battle team member like regular characters?