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Fishing Planet: Table for Cheat Engine {J13H-2}

to use:
1: start game
2: instant minimize the game
3: attach cheat engine load the table and enable all 3 options

Maxcastlength - your rods max casting length set to 300 meters (1000 feet and 6 haystraws and half an egg if you use american meassurements)

fish tryies to hook itself on lure - (fish set to attack lure instant it spawns)

lures tries to "autohook" fish - autohook set to 100% also acceptable reeling speed is set to 5 compared to normally 2.5 making it possible to succesfully fish at all but max speed

known bugs:
kayaks seems to accelerate 10-100 times faster than ussual i can't explain maybe its a official game bug?

also if anyone have old outdated cheat tables (.ct not .exe)for fishing planet please send me asap it would help me alot to implement more features
sadly fishhax.exe contains trojan. furthermore game have been updated yet again making injection of known cheats problematic

Author: J13H

The source of information - Fishing Planet

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