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Floating Life 2: Table for Cheat Engine {lmrlmax}


1. Player Data [Activate > Open Item / Inventory]
- Activate Script first, then open inventory to make value appear
- Can edit: Level, Exp, Max Inventory Slot, Spirit Stone, Job Point, Element, Talent, etc.
- You can't edit attribute: Power, Intelligence, etc
- Split item to 90 [Split Item first]
- Moved Item to 90 [Move Stacked Item to Random Slot first]
- Moved Item to 1 [Move Stacked Item to Random Slot first]
- Item Data [Move Stacked Item to Random Slot first]
----- You need to move Stacked Item (More than 1 Quantity Item) to random slot first, then activate this script
----- If you can't make it work, try to load the save game again or restart the game.
----- You can edit Item IDs, change value then close and open inventory again.
----- *Need help for list Item IDs

Author: lmrlmax

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