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Forspoken: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- health still drop but you won't die.

ignore magic cooldown
- cast magic anytime even when it's still in cooldown.

ignore surge magic charge
- allows you to use surge magic with zero charge.

inf. stamina
- stamina still decreased when you magic parkour/dodge until it reaches 1 slot.
- you can still enter the "purple state" when the stamina are supposed to be exhausted.

inf. consumables
- heal item (healing draught, firewood, etc.) quantity won't drop below 1.

ignore mana
- allows you to learn magic with zero mana.
- mana could still be used up.

ignore resources
- can craft/upgrade anything or paint nails without any required resources.
- resources required could still be used up.

walk key
- by script default, press and hold CapsLock key to walk.
- key and speed can be changed via the 2 child entries.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Forspoken

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