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Forza Horizon 5: Table for Cheat Engine {vinny2k}

Basic cheat tables that unlock the ability to get all the cars for free and change your xp amount to whatever you want which then allows you to have tons of spins and lots of money. Will update as i get more stuff unlocked.

Update: Did test online and it works as well as on the pirated versions of the game
To us the free car cheat: Check the free car box if you’re in auto show already, get out and get back in, it should be free after that!!

Anyone that has the Empress version of the game and wants to start the game with max level, max super wheelspins, max mastery car points, max accolades, max credits and 400 some uncustomized cars but only have the prologue completed then i have a save for you.

Author: vinny2k

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