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From Space: Table for Cheat Engine {BabyGroot}


Player Character

- Character Damage Handler

Has Heal Over Time?
Is Using Healing Meter?
Is Showing Stama Regen?
Medic Heal Meter Amount?
Maximum Health
Maximum Healing Meter
Maximum Shield
Shield Regen After Seconds Time
Shield Regen Speed
Damage Type Occurrence Amount
Shield Cooldown Timer
Shield Damage Received Since Depletion
Stamina Cooldown Timer
Maximum Stamina
Stamina Replenishment Speed
Stamina Replenishment Cooldown

- Character State Handler

XP Required For Next Level
Healing Meter Amount
Current Health Amount
Target Health Amount
Current Shield Amount
Target Shield Amount
Current Energy Amount

- CharacterAnimations / Character Weapons Spawner

Uses Ammunition?
Reloads One Bullet At A Time?
Should Reload After Attack?
Allow Automatic Firing?
Was Attacking?
Attack Rate
Knockback Distance
Weapon Level
Ammunition Clip Size
Max Ammo
Time To Reload
Automatic Reload Delay
Reload Particles Delay
Reload Particles Lifetime
Reload Pool Count
Current Ammunition Clip Size
Ammo Usage Percentage Per Shot
Automatic Attack Rate

- Player Character Movement

Boost ls Active?
Boost Disable Time
Boost Speed Multiplier
Walk Speed
Gravity Multiplier
Dodge Distance
Dodge Time In Seconds
Explosion Knockback Force
Enemy Explosion Knockback Force
Apply Knockback Speed
Current Movement Speed
Falling Speed Multiplier
Dodge Stamina Usage
Dodge Progress Percentage
Max Movement Speed

- Player Berserk Perk Handler

Damage Multiplier

- Player In The Zone Perk Handler

Attack Rate Multiplier
Reload Time Multiplier
Movement Speed Multiplier

Author: BabyGroot

The source of information - From Space

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