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Genshin Impact: Table for Cheat Engine {Su_}


Invincibility = You won't die from enemies (You will still take fall damage, drown, freeze, burn, etc)
No Enemy AI = Enemies won't attack you
Chest Locator = Shows nearby chests
Entity Locator = Shows nearby entities (Monsters, Ores, Maybe more)
Elemental Sight = Toggles Elemental Sight
Unlimited Stamina = Your stamina won't deplete (You can still drown though)
FPS Changer = Allows you to set your own FPS limit
Fly Hack = Allows you to always fly and also doesn't make you descend while flying
Double Attacks = Doubles your attacks
No E/Q Cooldown = Removes the cooldowns on E/Q meaning you can use them at any time
Movement Speed = Allows you to double your speed
Instant Bow Charge = Instantly charges your bow
Pick-up Range = Allows you to set the range from which you may pick up items
Stats Multiplier = Multiplies stats of some characters (Variable Multiplier)
Damage Multiplier = Multiplies the amount of damage inflicted by some characters (Variable Multiplier)

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