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Ghost of Tsushima: Table for Cheat Engine {Destinate}


  • Player
    • Health
    • Max Health
    • Show Outline/Hearing
    • Resolve
    • Technique Points
    • No Detection (Made by impushingp)
    • Unlock Special (Skill/Charm/Special stuff)
    • Stats (Additional player stats. This isn't complete because too many stats)
    • Location (Current player location)
    • Teleport to waypoint/marker (Enable it then put down a waypoint on the map then close the map then you will teleport there. You can keep this enabled all the time.)
  • Game Resource
    • Game Time (This is just visual for me)
    • Arrow
    • Dart
    • Throwable
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Cloth
    • Goods
  • Legend Mode
    • Gear Resource
    • Resource

All the stats with a percentage label are a multiplier please refrain from putting in a huge value for those stats.

Author: Destinate

DOWNLOAD (7.7 Kb) 2024-Jun-04

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