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Godlike Burger: Table for Cheat Engine {ReskyAW}


- Player Data

First Day
Safe Money
Min Safe Put Money
Min Safe Take Money
Stamina Recovery Speed
Cleaver Damage
Stoves Counts
Stove Speed
Table Modules Count
Meat Processor Slots
Meat Processor Speed
Planet ld
Max Prestige
Max Police Attention
Guidebook Page
Complaints Count
Days To Complaint
News Count
Days To News
Safe Put Conversion
Safe Take Conversion
Stamina Speed Rate
Stamina For Attack
Stamina For Dash
Cleaning Duration
Cleaning Rate
Invisibility Duration
Deep Freeze Amount
Yin Yang Influence

- Ui Setting

Screen Move
Interactive Button Duration
Loading Fade
Screen Scale
Underlay Capture Duration
Screen Fade
Tip Duration
Tip Punch Scale
Hint Available Alpha
Hint Unavailable Alpha
Input Tip Duration
Activity Duration
Activity Scale
Activity Alpha
Status Duration
Queue Stats Duration
Queue Stats Punch Scale
Queue Order Duration
Queue Move Duration
Enemy Hud Duration
Wait Progress Target
Queue Wait Duration
Queue Wait Punch Scale
Heat Bounce Scale
Heat Bounce Duration
Heat Duration
Notification Move Duration
Notification Shift Duration
Notification Info Visible Duration
Notification Warning Visible Duration
Notification Alert Visible Duration
Police Patrol Appear
Police Patrol Flash
Police Apply Duration
Prolice Blink Times
Prestige Appear Duration
Prestige Visible Duration
Prestige Fill Duration
Money Animation Duration
Stamina Fade
Health Duration
Health Available Scale
Health Unavailable Scale
Out Of Stamina Appear Duration
Out Of Stamina Duration
Out Of Stamina Punch Scale
Input Hint Duration
Collector Point Disabled
Focus Lost
Burger Duration
Burger Interval
Target Height Ratio
Day Start Prepend Interval
Day Start Visible Duration
Day Start Label Duration
Day Start Item Duration
Recipe Animation Duration
Recipe Animation Scale
Stepper Disabled Alpha
Guidebook Bookmark Disabled
Guidebook Animation Duration
Guidebook Animation Scale
Time Scale Appear Duration
Time Scale Visible Duration
Splash Delay
Trap Button Disabled
Trap Overlay Duration
Comix Fill Duration
Comix Present Delay
Quest In Progress Alpha
Quest Completed Alpha
Quest Icon Duration
Quest Icon Scale
Credits Speed
Credits Delay
Tutorial Bounce Strength
Tutorial Bounce Duration
Spaceship Offset
Spaceship Duration
Tip Vibrato
Queue Stats Vibrato
Queue Wait Vibrato
Max Visible Notifications
Out Of Stamina Vibrato
Max Planets Count

Author: ReskyAW

The source of information - Godlike Burger

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