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Gord: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Unit Editor:
don't activate at the main menu!
script generates pointers to your units if a savegame is loaded, you can change:
-Min Health ( e.g set to 100 and the health will never drop below that )
-Max Health
-Current & Base Health
-Incoming Damage Multiplier ( set to 0 will cause that this unit won't get any damage )
-Movement Speed
-Min Sanity
-Current & Base Sanity
-Min Faith ( faith will never drop below this value, you can see the current value in the units modifier tab or the final value in the summon menu )

you need to re-activate the script again after a savegame load or if you got a new unit!
Note: if a variable has a current and base value, change both!

pointers to wood,reed,clay and so on
Note: make changes to current and base values!

pointer to the NewChildProgress variable
change the NewChildProgress.CurrentValue and NewChildProgress.BaseValue to something like 0.999 or set the NewChildProgress.MinValue to 1 = a new child will be born ( you can edit the childs age then with the Unit Editor to make it instant adult )

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Gord

DOWNLOAD (2.7 Kb) 2023-Aug-18

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