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Graveyard Keeper: Table for Cheat Engine {Weresthebeef}


1. Stamina, inventory size & tech points
-Activate and lose some stamina then you can freeze it
-Change your inventory size (YAY)
-Edit your tech tree points

2. Infinite Items (your stack doesn't decrease)
-Your stack doesn't decrease, so when you sell items to a vendor you can also get infinite money
-Make sure you have at least 2 of the item
-Toggle of on/off with F12. I find it very useful because I am always toggling it on and off and don't want to tab out

3. Unbreakable tools / No corpse decay
-This isn't mine but it's awesome. The corpse thing seems to be unintentional but worth it. Especially with the bettersavesoul dlc.

4. Health Hook (Activate then lose some health) aka Infinite Health
-Activate then lose some health the pointer updates then freeze it for infinite.

5. Craft Speed (50 is instant for me)
-Sometimes I have to play a bit before activating.

Author: Weresthebeef

The source of information - Graveyard Keeper

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