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Greedventory: Table for Cheat Engine {panraven}


AddStat_MUL - <not work?>
StaminaRestoreDelayMUL - complicated way of inf stamina;
Trader_Buy_Inc_Gold - complicated way of free buy;
Player_Modify_HP_MUL - scale hp gain or lose;
Player_WpDmg_MUL - scale wp damage;
ItemAscension_LvlupChance_x10k - greatly increase level up chance (instead of break) to almost certain;
ItemAscension_LossDuraChance - durability lose is the masochistic EXP for item level up; just hit yourself while walking for faster lvl up;
lootDrop - drop chance is almost certain;
Itm_Cooldown - faster item/ring usage cooldown
regen_rarity - higher chance for high tier loot
LevelUpPrice1 - affordable base stat leveling up

Author: panraven

The source of information - Greedventory

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