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(Halo CE) Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Table for Cheat Engine {Dread_Pony_Roberts}

Player Scripts

-Max Shields/Health (effects player-piloted vehicles)

-Max Shields/Lock Health (effects player-piloted vehicles)

-Instant Shield Regeneration

-Lock Clip Ammo

-Max Clip Ammo

-Lock Belt Ammo

-Max Belt Ammo

-Lock Plasma Ammo

-Max Plasma Ammo

-Lock Plasma Heat

-Lock Grenades

-Max Grenades

-Max Flashlight

-Some Bullet Spread

-No Bullet Spread

-No Unholster Delay

-Rapid Fire/Lock Ammo



-Teleportation (comes with 3 individual coordinate saves)

-Sprint (default bind is left shift. keybinds, sprint speed, and friction can be edited.)

-Flight/Noclip (default keybinds are space to go up and alt to go down, keybinds and flight speed can be edited)


Marine Scripts

-Max Marine Health

-1 Hit Kill Marines

Enemy Scripts

-1 Hit Kill Enemies

-Damage Multiplier (default multiplier is 2.5, can be edited.)

Skull Scripts

-Skull Override (enabling will override existing skulls)
-Black Eye
-Eye Patch
-That's Just... Wrong
-Tough Luck
-Grunt Birthday Party
-Grunt Funeral

Cheat Engine Scripts

-Compact Mode

-Speedhack x0.5

-Speedhack x1

-Speedhack x3

Other Scripts

-No AI Weapon Fire

-Despawn Everything (When active it will despawn everything that's not baked into the geometry such as ai, movable objects, and even some immovable objects as well. Can be used to get passed locked doors.)



Author: Dread_Pony_Roberts

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