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Hard West 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

The table contains an AOB script with the following:
Infinite Action Points; hold ALT when you issue the command to take the action and you get that action for free. Once the character starts the action, you can let go of the ALT key.
Stats of "the Character that last used Infinite Action Points"; a bunch of pointers so you can edit some stats.
Player Never Miss; as name suggests. Your team members gain a massive boost to your hit chance.
Player Damage Mod; allows you to mod the damage your team members do with your weapons. Watch friendly fire
Non-Player Damage Mod; allows you to mod the damage others do with their weapons.
Stats of "the Character that is being hovered with the mouse"; in combat, hover your mouse over a character (friend or foe) and hit CTRL to make it stick, then use the pointers to edit some stats.
Overland Party; a bunch of pointers and a script. First, open your inventory or select a different character in your inventory if it's already open. Then, you can use the pointers to edit party money and loyalty points. You can edit Character stats, but those won't stick, unfortunately. There is a script to list party inventory, too, but unfortunately items do not stack, so the usage values are meaningless.

Author: Csimbi

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