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Hearts of Iron IV: Table for Cheat Engine {Recifense}


Minimum Political Points (660) [1]

Minimum Natural Resources (250) [2]

- Construction in 1 day [3]

- Research in 1 day [4]

- Production in 1 day [5]

- Move to adjacent region in 1 hour [6]

God Mode (Army/Fleet) [7]

- Minimum Manpower per State (6600) [8]

Fill up player squadrons (s3.0) [9]

- Fast Recover Infrastructure (s3.0)[A]

Weak Foe (S4.0) [B]

Minimum Base Stability (80%) [C] (new)

Minimum Base War Support (50%) [D} (new)

- Finish Focus in 1 day [E] (brand-new) (s5.2)

- Some Pointers [F]


[1] It will not go under 670;

[2] It will not be lower than 250 (*);

[3] That's it;

[4] That's it;

[5] That's it;

[6] Now every hour counts; :)

[7] HP and Organization (Army and Navy);

[8] It will not go under 6700;

[9] The planes will replaced very quickly;

[A] Infrastructures will be repaired in 1 day (**);

[B] Battles involving the Human Player will end quickly (army/fleet);

[C] Human player minimum base stability will be 80%;

[D] Human player minimum War Support will be 50%;

[E] That's it; :)

[F] Not used at the table;

(*) Let an hour pass so you can see the effect on the trade tab.

(**)You have to look at the contruction tab once a day, preferably at 23:00.


1) Run CE67 or greater;

2) Run Game;

3) Load the game process "hoi4.exe" in CE;

4) Load this table and activate the main script;

5) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;

6) Game On.


Author: Recifense

The source of information - Hearts of Iron IV

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