HELLDIVERS 2: Table for Cheat Engine {PhaseShiftStalker}

Most of the problems people have, I can confirm from my own experience, is not related to the table in use but the timing of process suspension.
There is narrow window where this has to be done. Once you see address 180000000 gets loaded, immediately suspending helldivers2.exe wouldn't work because you wouldn't be able to activate the scripts and would get errors such as "game.dll not found". However, if you do everything too slow, Game Guard will detect the hack attempt and close down the game after a few minutes. I find it works best if you suspend roughly around 500ms after 180000000 gets loaded, basically at the same time when the black screen comes up. Now, the process must not be suspended too long, quickly activate the scripts (you can got to CE scripts and press CTRL+A to select all and then press Space to toggle them on); close CE and resume helldivers2.exe

Author: PhaseShiftStalker

The source of information - HELLDIVERS 2

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