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Heroes of Might & Magic III + HOTA + HD: Table for Cheat Engine {gibberishh}

Added: Infinite Spellcasting in combat (Alt+C). Unable to get the spellbook icon to activate after several hours of trying. But it is possible to keep casting spells by clicking on your hero as long as you have enough mana. In a very short test I ran, enemy heroes still cast one spell per round.

Added: Equipped items list. Add/modify items directly on your portrait instead of inventory slots. These pointers are not only convenient, but particularly useful if you get into combat, try to cast a spell and then realize you added spells to your hero but forgot to buy a spellbook!
Note that among the items listed are some illegal items that cannot normally be equipped (at least in RoE).
Changed Inventory dropdowns to be sorted by equipping location and name.
A lot of manual work has gone into categorizing and sorting the item lists -- quite possible I've made mistakes. If so, please post the mistakes here so I can correct them.

Clarification: Forgot to mention in the previous post that several specialties are repeated in the dropdown. That's because the game has specialties repeated with different Ids. One hero may have Eagle Eye of a particular Id and another may have Eagle Eye with another Id. That's why they all need to be included in the dropdown. AFAIK, gameplay-wise it makes no difference which ones you choose.
Specialties are sorted by General, Resources, Skills, Spells, Unit categories (and by name).

Similarly, the skills list is sorted by Combat stuff, Spell stuff, Morale etc, Movement stuff, and General types.
Spells are simply categorized by level and sorted by name. The color indicates the school/element the spell belongs to. Black = all schools. This same order is used in the listing of scrolls for inventory scrolls. (Again, manual work so let me know if there are mistakes.)
Units are categorized by stronghold and sorted by unit tier level.

Thanks to CannonFodder: I used his Homm3 table as a starting point for mine and H3hota table for the spellcasting cheat. And thanks to Csimbi for starting this thread in the first place with all the initial cheats.

Author: gibberishh

The source of information - Heroes of Might & Magic III + HOTA

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