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Hero Quest (on DosBOX): Table for Cheat Engine {gibberishh}

Signed cheat table, will attempt to launch "Hero Quest.exe" and attach itself to Dosbox.


  • Ctrl+1: Increase Barbarian's health by 1
  • Ctrl+2: Increase Drwarf's health by 1
  • Ctrl+3: Increase Elf's health by 1
  • Ctrl+4: Increase Wizard's health by 1
  • Up, Down, Right still work as previously (movement steps, enable actions)
  • Alt+Shift+Right: Useful at the launch of every new session, it includes all 4 characters in the game without having to manually add them one by one. Usually only Barbarian is set to play by default. You will still have to individually load saves of each character though, there is no easy way to automate this
  • Alt+Left: Collapse all the equipment lists to declutter the window.

Author: gibberishh

The source of information - Hero Quest

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