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Horizon: Zero Dawn - Table for Cheat Engine {Esophagus}


  • Free camera (in normal gameplay, cutscenes, and photo mode)
  • Teleport to the location of the free camera
  • Slow/fast motion, pause/unpause/frame advance (works in photo mode)
  • Disable all depth-of-field blurring (including cutscenes and the near-field blurring in normal play)
  • No fall damage
  • Make night time shorter
  • "Bird's eye view": greatly increase the maximum camera distance
  • Look around faster in focus mode (gamepad only)

There is more information about each cheat in a comment at the top of the script for the cheat. To see the script, double click "<script>".

Author: Esophagus

The source of information - Horizon: Zero Dawn

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