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Hunt the Night: Table for Cheat Engine {BabyGroot}


-- Player Data --

pBase - [ Color Silver Don't Chance ]

Max Health

Current Health


Damage Cooldown Time

Hurt Movement Distance

Attack Movement Distance

Dark Energy

Dark Energy Recovery

Dash Speed

Dash Cooldown

Dash Dark Energy Cost

Dash Invulnerability Time

Hook Speed

Hook Cooldown

Hook Dark Energy Cost

Summon Dark Energy Cost

Summon Distance

Demolition Speed

Transition Speed

Prevention Time Before Fall

Jump Distance

Resurrection Health

Resurrection Time

Current Dark Energy

Free Bullet Percent Per Attack

Free Bullet Percent Per Critic

Free Bullet Percent Per Death

Free Throw Weapon Percent Per Attack

Free Throw Weapon Percent Per Critic

Free Throw Weapon Percent Per Death

Shoot Damage Increase

Gun Shoot Damage Increase Shotgun

Shoot Damage Increase

Crossbow Shoot Damage Increase

Spell Damage Increase

Attack Damage Increase

Critics Damage Increase

Critics Chances Increase

Burn Damage Increase

Burn Percent Chances Increase

Poison Damage Increase

Poison Percent Chances Increase

Curse Damage Increase

Curse Percent Chances Increase

Freeze Damage Increase

Freeze Percent Chances Increase

Protection Against Burn Percent

Protection Against Poison Percent

Protection Against Curse Percent

Protection Against Freeze Percent

Cancellation Chances Increase

Resurrection Chances Increase

Revenge Chances Increase

Dark Energy Cooldown Reduction

Noctilium Percent Increase

Temporal Critics Probability Increase

Temporal Attack Damage Increase

Temporal Shoot Damage Increase

Temporal Gun Shoot Damage Increase

Temporal Shotgun Shoot Damage Increase

Temporal Crossbow Shoot Damage Increase

Temporal Spell Damage Increase

Temporal Burn Damage Increase

Temporal Burn Percent Chances Increase

Temporal Poison Damage Increase

Temporal Poison Percent Chances Increase

Temporal Curse Damage Increase

Temporal Curse Percent Chances Increase

Temporal Freeze Damage Increase

Temporal Freeze Percent Chances Increase

Temporal Cancellation Chances Increase

Temporal Revenge Chances Increase

Temporal Resurrection Chances Increase

Temporal Noctilium Percent Increase

Temporal Hits Per Bullet Increase

Temporal Speed Increase

Pet Summon Cooldown

Damage State

Hits Per Bullet

Hit Counter

Dash State

Hook State

Author: BabyGroot

The source of information - Hunt the Night

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