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Icewind Dale II: Table for Cheat Engine {gibberishh}

Included: Abilities, Skills, Feats and Spells for new characters, as well as on level up. Spell points are applicable only to classes that can learn spells, like bards and sorcerers.

Additions and changes:

  • Removed Godmode + 5K damage. It was just not working and I've given up on it 
  • Added Pickpocket Always Succeeds [Alt+P]: It was bugging me to no end that in HoF pickpocket always fails, even with max pickpocket value (which caps out at 127). So I added this cheat; now pickpocket will never fail. Also tested this on non-HoF games.
  • Enable Cheat Keys [Alt+C]: Note that this is a pointer, not a script. To enable cheats, change 0 to 1 or use the hotkey (i.e., simply ticking the box won't have any effect). This is the same as typing ctrlaltdelete:EnableCheatKeys() in the console, except it's much faster to turn it on. If the box is not ticked, cheats will be disabled every time you reload a game (it's the game's behaviour, nothing to do with the cheat table). On loading the table, cheats will automatically be turned on.
  • Added a pointer for Gold.
  • Buy When Poor: This lets you buy items from merchants even if you don't have sufficient gold. It's an unnecessary cheat since you already have the pointer to gold, but just adds some convenience. The +1000 Gold cheat doesn't work if you don't have sufficient money to buy. Using both cheats will reduce gold to 0 if you purchase beyond your means. Not tested this with temple services, only with items.
  • Fixed a minor bug with priest unlimited spells.

Author: gibberishh

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