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Inside The Backrooms: Table for Cheat Engine {FluffyWafflesIX}


[Player Settings]
+ Infinite Stamina
+ Infinite Deaths
+ Infinite Health
+ Reset Anxiety
+ Remove Radiation
+ 5x Walk Speed
+ 10x Walk Speed
+ 2x Jump Force
+ 7x Jump Force

[Inventory Settings]
+ Equip Party Hat
+ Equip Protection Suit

[Visual Settings]
+ Remove Anxiety Blur
+ Remove Anxiety Chromatic Effect
+ Enable Extinguisher Smoke
+ Enable Pesticide Smoke

[Enemy Settings]
+ No Target

[Puzzle Settings]
+ Unlock Radiation Door
+ Unlock Invisible Door
+ Blow Cake Candles
+ remove Fuse Requirement
+ Get Medallion Token
+ Get Interactable (Puzzle Items)

[Lobby Settings]
+ Get Selected Level (Can Play Any Map)

Author: FluffyWafflesIX

The source of information - Inside The Backrooms

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