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Judgment: Table for Cheat Engine {Tuuuup!}


God mode v2 (player and friends)
Caution gauge reset to 0/minimum
Easy/ 1 hit kill v2
inf HP v2
inf EX
No mortal wounds
Damage multiplier (player + friends)
inf Items v3
Set items to 99. Go inventory and switch tabs v2
inf Buff/ Extract timer
instant Buff/Extract cooldown
Easy KamuroGO unlock v2
Threat lvl (needs to be active/shown?)
Mini games:
-Virtua Fighter 5 HP pointers (Only activate when mini gane starts)
-Paradise VR: No dice lost
-ParadiseVR dice number you throw (change it after throw)
-Mahjong score pointers
-Dart pointers
-Drone turbo.. instant refill after use
Player pointers:
-base address
-max HP
-Mortal wounds
-max EX
-?? something with EX
-Casino chips

Author: Tuuuup!

The source of information - Judgment

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