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Kingdoms Reborn: Table for Cheat Engine {leonardovac}


  • Bypass Trade Limit
  • Free Cards [2]
  • Free Land Claim [2]
  • Free Trades
  • Free Upgrades [2]
  • Increase Game Speed (C.E. built-in speed hack)
  • Global [3] Resource Multiplier
  • Pause Game (Completely)
    - Not a Game Pause, but a complete FREEZE, useful when searching values, try adding a hotkey.
  • Reset Gold
    - Sets your gold to 1.
  • Reset Resources
    - Click desired storage and activate script.
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Research Points
    - Not really "Unlimited", you can increase the amount on the script.
  • Unlimited Resources
    - Click desired storage and activate script (will add 999 of every resource).
  • Unlimited Skill Points

¹ Some may or not work for you, can't guarantee it.
² Still needs the Gold/Resources by now, but won't spend it.
³ Affects every major cities, this includes both YOU and AI's.

Author: leonardovac

The source of information - Kingdoms Reborn

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