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Last Epoch: Table for Cheat Engine {Impala}

-Infinite Potions
-Infinite Runes
-Infinite Shards
-Max Unique, Sets and Implicit Rolls (maxes the rolls on picked up uniques, etc)
-Max Affix Rolls for others (maxes the rolls on other items)
-Vacuum crafting mats range (Will Suck the entire map. Had some long freezes in campaign, game comes back no crash)
-Pick up Range
-No Decrease to Forging Potential when Forging
-No Decrease When Spending Favor
-Instant Max Bonus Stability (instantly maxes bonus stability in echos so you can leave after objective is complete)
-Spend Dungeon Embers for 999
-Get Gold Amount (Spend Gold)
-Corruption Level (Open Monolith)
-Stability Level (Open Monolith)
-Max Stability After 1 Run
-Forging Potential (Mouse Over Item)
-Faction Favor
-Skill Points
-Passive Points

Author: Impala

The source of information - Last Epoch

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