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Leave No One Behind: la Drang - Table for Cheat Engine {jjc1228}


HQ Options

[*]Command Points

Airstrike Settings

[*]Air Strike Size
[*]High Explosive Timer 
[*]Flame Timer |> Set to 0 and Freeze
[*]Smoke Timer 
[*]High Explosive Cost
[*]Flame Cost
[*]Smoke Cost

Artillery Settings

[*]Set Explosion Radius (High the radius the bigger the explosion)
[*]Shell Amount (How many shells fired per fire mission)
[*]Shell initial delay(Delay before fire mission starts in seconds)
[*]Shell delay(Time between Shots)
[*]Shell Speed(How fast shells hit)
[*]Shell Accuracy (how many tiles can shell hit in radius, Lower number more precision on target)

HQ Platoon Settings

[*]Is Visible (0 = False, 1 = True)
[*]Is Hidden (0 = False, 1 = True)
[*]Max Men
[*]Rank Cap

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