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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Table for Cheat Engine {xXPBSXx}


1. Health Regenaration multiplier (5)
2. Inf Health
3. Player Only(is Basically same as Squad cause its broken but does what it should)
4. Squad only
5. Vehicle only (all Vehicles are Indestructible(In Theory))
6. 1 Hit Kill
7. Inf Combo Time
8. Combo Set Multiplier(+1)
9. Combo Hit Multiplier(+1)
10. Change Stub Multiplier/Change Stub Value
11. Kyber Bricks Amount(cant deactivate but it shouldnt be a problem)
12. Datacard amount(go to buy menu to get values)
13. FreeUpgrades(Skills)(dont use if not needed)
14. Change Gravity(dont use if not needed)(unstable may use super jump)
15. Superjump
16.Coordinates + Teleport(jump to get/save/load location)
17. Partial No Clip(carefull on ramps)
18. Cam No Clip
19. Cam Position
20. South Park Canadian Walk Style
21. Folded Down
22. Flip the World!
23. No Animation

Author: xXPBSXx

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