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Let It Die: Table for Cheat Engine {Idlehands88}

Health (pointer)
Infinite Stamina
9999 Max Stamina
Instant Stamina Recovery
Fast Movement Speed
Default Movement Speed
Player Movement Speed (pointer)
Player Coords
Player Size (really does nothing useful, just added it for fun)
Player Walking Speed
Player Sprinting Speed
Player Jump Height
Enemies Can't Move
Invisible to Enemies
Default Enemy Move Speed
Infinite Armor Durability
Infinite Weapon Durability
Max/Infinite Ammo
Rage/Damage/Resistance (pointers, thanks to Nitroroller for these)
Max/Infinite Rage
Super Damage Multiplier [TOGGLE]
Default Damage Multiplier [TOGGLE]
Super Damage Resistance Multiplier [TOGGLE]
Default Damage Resistance Multiplier [TOGGLE]
Auto Complete All Active Quests
Infinite Dusty 5 Uploads (still costs 1 DM) ᴰᴱᴸᴱᵀᴱᴰ


Author: Idlehands88

The source of information - Let It Die

DOWNLOAD (8.7 Kb) 2018-Oct-11

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Would it be possible to make a version where HP isn't extremely high but instead just kept at the maximum hp for the current character?