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A Dream Shattered
A Pity
A Single Candle
A Singular Strike
Alexandria Simulator
An Unexpected Guest
And Then is Heard No More
Arbitrating the Arbiter
Battle Symbol Fashionista
Binah Has Logged In
Borrowed Ego
Boundary of Death
Breaking Their Immersion
Children of the City
Combat Page Hoarder
Dead Silent
Der Freischutz
Do Cloned Rabbits Dream of Rapid Gashes?
Emotional Peak
Engraved Memory
Extraction of Secret Worlds
Eye Embracing the Past; Building the Future
Eye Facing the Fear; Breaking the Cycle
Forbidden Clown
From a Place of Love
Gimme a Biiiig Hug!
Gone Angels
I am Fire~
lmpuritas Civitatis
Inherited Power
Iron Lotus
l'll Face Myself
Key Page Connoisseur
Life and Death
Mutually Assured Destruction
One Fell Swoop
One Night I Count the Stars
Orlando Furioso
Power Overwhelming
Priere pour aimer la douleur
Rake in the Sheets
Shield Block n' Bash
Silence, Guest!
Tales from the Library
That's This, and This is That
The Abnormality Becomes Me!
The Courage to Protect
The Expectation for the Meaning of Existence
The Fearlessness to keep on Living
The Hope to be a Better Person
The Knowing l
The Mountain of Smiling Bodies
The One Perfect Book
The Rationality to Maintain Discretion
The Red Mist Makes Her Return
The Road
The Story of the City
The Will to Stand up Straight
This Might Sting~
Those who are Faithful and Trustworthy
Time Attack
To the Blood Moon
Two Shakes of a Rat's Tail
Veteran Librarian
You Shall Not Mass!
Your Shield
Your Very Own Nugget!
"It's the beast!"
“Sending you here was worth my while.”
"You know my dream, right?"
"...To die at the hands of a hero."

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